Sunday School

On August 21st, our Parish started offering Sunday School Classes for the 2016-1017 school year. Our teachers this year are...

Maria Justice

Preschool (3 – 5 yr olds)

Kristin Pavelski

1st and 2nd Grade

Lisa Sundheim

3rd Grade

Susan Awad

4th and 5th Grade

Tamara Taylor

6th Grade and above

Jessica Bikas

Substitute Teacher & Helper

If would like to be a Substitute Teacher or a Helper this year, please let Father Stavros know. Thank you to Jessica Bikas who has recently stepped up to be a Substitute Teacher. Let's all stay connected! Teachers; if you miss a class and need assistance, please call or email a fellow teacher to help out. If you are a parent and wish to keep up with lessons and you miss a Sunday, please email your teacher and they can let you know what was covered.  Thank you to all our volunteer  teachers who put their energy into bringing up our children in the Light and Knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  Please refer all curriculum questions to Fr. Stavros.  May we all have a very blessed Sunday School Year!